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Magenium Solutions is an IT consulting services firm headquartered outside Chicago with branch offices in Minnesota, Arizona, Florida and Georgia. Dedicated to delivering technology solutions that solve problems and move business forward, Magenium is a trusted partner to hundreds of companies nationwide. Magenium holds multiple Microsoft competencies, placing us in the top 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide.

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Integrate and deploy scheduled content updates, live broadcasts, recorded content, news and social content seamlessly


With DXNotifi’s Cloud based SAAS you can easily and quickly distribute your content to thousands of locations reliably and effectively


We support Wired and Wireless devices, allowing you to distribute digital content safely and securely to all your stores and locations over your existing network

Hardware Agnostic!

As long as your device can run Android or Windows 10 you are good. This includes the following devices:

About Us

DXNotifi provides an end to end digital signage and mass notification service that enables you to create, manage and display digital content across multiple devices, locations and networks. The solution is entirely Azure Cloud-based and requires no on-premises server infrastructure.

We leverage the power of Windows 10 allowing each DXNotifi device to seamlessly connect to any HDMI capable display. These displays can be indoor or outdoor TV’s, multiscreen or advanced wall systems. DXNotifi Combines traditional digital signage with mass notification capabilities enabling quick effective communication.

  • Leverages Azure Cloud & Windows 10

    You need a content delivery process you can trust. DXNotifi offers safe and secure content distribution which is also reliable and fast. DXNotifi is Azure Cloud based and it delivers rich media with ease, putting less burden on central data centers

  • Secure Internet Communications

    Uses HTTPS or port 443: to secure and authenticate Internet communications between cooperating clients and servers.

  • Whatever, Wherever and Whenever

    Integrate and deploy scheduled and live updates, live broadcasts, recorded content, news and social content seamlessly without costly proprietary infrastructure.

Why Choose Us

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text and 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Additionally, the brain responds to vocal cues and reaches a determination about the voice between unconfident and confident in as fast as 200 milliseconds after speech onset.

We used theses findings in our effort to create a better platform. By delivering dynamic visual and audio information to your audience, DXNotifi helps you drive conversion and build recognition. We can also tie your POS details to your display allowing you to see the impact a Visual and Audio message will have on purchasing.

It does not take a rocket scientist or Industry leader to recognize the necessity of capturing customers with attractive, attention-grabbing digital displays and the right audio message. (A, B Testing content tied with call to action QR or POS buying) Our solution is the only one in the market to recognize the combined impact of both; and DXNotifi provides an opportunity like no other to engage audiences, create experiences and build brand loyalty.

Ultra-Responsive Design

Customer engagement starts by creating visually compelling, targeted interactive content using images. DXNotifi adds to this Dynamic and Static capabilities along with the power of video, sound and interactive (Touch and Mobile) that will bring brands to life, accelerates communication and influence purchasing decisions.

Our ability to utilize touch and create content that uses QR Codes can create a rich content experience with interactive display unmatched by others.

DXNotifi allows you to update and deliver content to any screen, anywhere, at any time. Whether you are projecting to mobile, tablets or large format displays. DXNotifi allows you to leverage real time data analytics to refine and optimize messaging based on customer engagement.