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About DXNotifi

DXNotifi was designed and developed by Magenium Solutions. 

Magenium Solutions is an IT consulting services firm headquartered outside Chicago with branch offices in Minnesota, Arizona, Florida and Georgia. Dedicated to delivering technology solutions that solve problems and move business forward, Magenium is a trusted partner to hundreds of companies nationwide. Magenium holds multiple Microsoft competencies, placing us in the top 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide.

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Magenium Solutions
535 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 103, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
P: 630.786.5900

Easy to Deploy

DXNotifi® uses displays you already have, so there's no need for big new monitors or expensive servers.. Plug a small device in to your TV, go through a simple setup and you're running!

Easy to Use

We've designed DXNotifi's software with the end user in mind, meaning very little training is needed to turn you and your teams into power users.

Less Expensive

Many digital signage solutions today cost thousands of dollars to buy, and thousands to maintain. Not with DXNotifi® - contact us to learn more about what your scenario would cost.

Works With Any Display

Whether you've got small monitors sitting on desktops or giant displays hanging in a museum, DXNotifi was designed to work seamlessly with almost any display you have. We built it with that fact in mind, so your presentations scale to the size of your display automatically and always look great.

Build and Change Presentations From Anywhere
Because DXNotifi is a web-based application, you can log in from anywhere using any device and quickly build presentations using a drag and drop interface. You can test your presentations to see how they look and then push them out to your displays no matter where you are.

Showcase Any Kind of Content
DXNotifi can help you display live updates, emergency broadcasts, recorded video, news and social content without costly servers. And since it's cloud-based, you don't have to worry about storage limits.

Ultra-Responsive Design

Customer engagement starts by creating visually compelling, targeted interactive content using images. DXNotifi adds to this Dynamic and Static capabilities along with the power of video, sound and interactive (Touch and Mobile) that will bring brands to life, accelerates communication and influence purchasing decisions.

Our ability to utilize touch and create content that uses QR Codes can create a rich content experience with interactive display unmatched by others.

DXNotifi allows you to update and deliver content to any screen, anywhere, at any time. Whether you are projecting to mobile, tablets or large format displays. DXNotifi allows you to leverage real time data analytics to refine and optimize messaging based on customer engagement.

Works With These Devices

As long as your device can run Android or Windows 10 you are good. This includes the following devices:

About Us

DXNotifi provides an end to end digital signage and mass notification service that enables you to create, manage and display digital content across multiple devices, locations and networks. The solution is entirely Azure Cloud-based and requires no on-premises server infrastructure.

We leverage the power of Windows 10 allowing each DXNotifi device to seamlessly connect to any HDMI capable display. These displays can be indoor or outdoor TV’s, multiscreen or advanced wall systems. DXNotifi Combines traditional digital signage with mass notification capabilities enabling quick effective communication.

  • Great for Universities

    Universities across the country have to be able to display all sorts of information, from special events and game day parking restrictions to having a centralized emergency broadcast system. Innovation Park at Notre Dame is one of our customers and a great example of how DXNotifi can power up display communications with ease. 

  • Powerful for Museums

    Museums can add powerful new imagery to exhibits with interactive signage from DXNotifiOydsea Aquarium, one of the biggest aquariums in the United States uses DXNotifi to showcase underwater shark cameras, provide audiences with dynamic information about each exhibit, and even keep patrons entertained while they wait in line. 

  • Take Your Fairground to New Heights

    Gone are the days where fairgrounds have to rely on expensive printed signs and billboards. Now you can show your visitors up to the minute showcase information, a schedule of events, and even provide weather warnings in real time with DXNotifi.